Thursday, November 03, 2005

Trends for 2006

As the Fall aproaches, new design trends begin to take shape as furniture makers, designers and industry experts explore the market for the coming year in New York, L.A. and High Point, NC. Some of the coming trends for 2006 are:
1) Texture, and a lot of it. From the rough hair of a cow hide rug, the long twists of the new shags, yes, shag, to ultra soft micro suede, and soft, smooth, supple leather. Chairs made of intertwined red rope, and ottomans made from long shaggy leather, today’s design is all about texture and shape
2) Fabric and coverings- leather is huge, of course, and becoming quite popular in dining rooms as well. Creating sofas with the ultimate in softness is almost like a competition for the manufacturers. Whether these ultra soft fabrics will wear as well, time will tell.
3) Finishes - Dark ebony woods are a definite trend that is here to stay. They are available in all different applications, from tables to headboards to lamps.
4) Shape is also playing a dominant role in furniture design. Smooth, streamlined, and shapely are all the rage. Gone are the overstuffed sofas and recliners. Fabrics and leathers are in neutral tones and are setting the stage for colorful accessories such as art, throw pillows, accent rugs and vases. No longer are furnishings bringing color to a room, it’s all about room color and the accessories. Good thing, as these are a lot less expensive to replace than living room suites.
5) Lighting- wood, leather, and glass bases are a big hit, as are oversized floor lamps. I mean big. These lamps light the entire room in a soft glow and become quite a dominant but attractive accent in the room. Neutral-colored shades of white or ivory set off the more elaborate bases. The focus again, not being on the color of the shade, but the shape of the lamp itself.
This is just a quick overview of what to expect, so keep checking back with us for more tips and trends.

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